What are the health effects of being in a contaminated property?

There are numerous health risks such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, migraines, allergic reactions, respiratory issues, insomnia, rashes/burns on skin, sleep disorders, birth defects, a damaged immune system, cancer and death.

What does the Residential Tenancy Act say about meth properties?

All landlords are required by the Residential Tenancy Act to provide a property in a reasonable state of cleanliness. Renting a meth contaminated property can see you fined, left with a vacant property and a massive cleanup bill.

What about commercial properties and meth testing?

Industry best practice demands that commercial tenants will also demand meth free properties. Providing meth free properties is also a way for owners to maximise returns because tenants will happily pay for clean premises.

I have an installed meth alarm system, how effective is it?

Like any alarm system, determined people can bypass the system rendering it useless. Furthermore, the alarm may only detect large scale cooking rather than the discreet mobile lab process or meth consumption. Only onsite testing can accurately prove the cleanliness of the property because even if an alarm went off, testing is still needed to confirm the contamination levels.

How reliable are your test results?

Major technology advances have allowed us to have meth detection equipment that is extremely accurate and calibrated to detect very small traces of meth and precursor contamination. It can test 30 times lower than the New Zealand standard NZ8510:2017

Are there tell-tale signs that a property may be contaminated?

Most meth contaminated houses do not have any tell tale signs or odours. This is an unseen poison, which can stay present for many years or until commercially removed. Some houses that have been set up as labs have been known to contain glassware, pipes, chemicals and can omit odours, however this is not always the case.

What happens if there is a positive result?

Having the actual result of contamination allows you to decide what action needs to be taken. You may choose to have a commercial cleaner involved, or, in the case of severe contamination, your insurance company may be involved to remedy the problem. We can provide a list of commercial cleaners who are completely independent from Methtestnow.

Who do I have to notify of a positive test?

There are currently no known formal reporting requirements in respect of a positive test. The only requirements are simply to have remedial work completed. We do not advise any third party without your consent, unless required to do so by law. Our discreet processes are extremely fast, reducing the customers stress and concern as well as significantly reducing any unwanted suspicion from third parties such as neighbours.

What has to be done to clean my house?

Commercial cleaning may be sufficient to remedy the property. Because our testing can pinpoint the contamination, cleaning and remedial work is kept to a minimum and only what is needing to be cleaned/replaced is done. Severe contamination may mean the replacement of wall linings, carpets, ceilings and furnishings.

Can you tell how old the contamination is?

There is no proven way to confirm how old contamination is. Meth labs can be very mobile these days and could be setup in a property, cook through the night and then be removed the next day, making them almost impossible to locate. Testing before and after all tenancies is recommended to reduce the risk of meth contaminated properties.

When am I given the results?

Usually the test results are returned within 48hrs, you will be provided with a written report and a certificate.

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