Methtestnow was set up to combat the increasing risk of meth contamination. Our staff have been involved in the property industry for nearly 20 years and have seen a range of risks to property throughout this time, with meth being one of the worst.

Our staff have invested a large amount of time in learning about meth risks and how they relate to the property industry. We have also had the benefit of receiving training from qualified industry experts on meth contamination plus resources and advice from New Zealand Police staff.

Detailed and specific training has been provided by experts from the United States to ensure that our staff are fully trained and equipped in using the meth detection equipment and that best practice is followed at all times, making us an industry leader.

Major technology advances have allowed us to have meth detection equipment that is extremely accurate that can give instant on-site results. Our meth detection equipment is able to detect very small traces of meth contamination and can test at levels better than The New Zealand standard NZ8510:2017 (Testing and decontamination of methamphetamine-contaminated properties). Due to tolerance levels increasing, with our equipment being able to test at low levels, we will only use it in specific testing and for now, we have reverted back to lab based analysis.

We are totally independent from everyone, including all meth cleaning companies, real estate agencies and building inspection companies.

New Zealand's meth problem is reaching epidemic proportions and is becoming the biggest risk since the leaky home building syndrome. The meth problem does not discriminate and affects people at all levels of society, breaking up families, ruining lives and damaging properties that need extensive amounts of remedial work to make them safe.

The true scale of the problem is beginning to emerge and frequently there are horror stories in the media about meth causing problems either through violence, damage or misery. Police only locate 5-10% of meth labs and the recent trend of 'mobile labs' make it easier for these labs to avoid detection while spreading their contamination wider as they go from house to house doing mobile lab cooking, never staying much more than a few days at a time.

Risks to families in contaminated homes can have varied sicknesses. The importance of having detailed and thorough testing is crucial, rather than ‘the cheapest test’.

Risks to property managers are varied because mobile labs may not give off any indication signs, yet the poison is present, neither seen nor smelt. Real Estate Agents are also at risk from contamination plus also in regards to sales or loss of sales as well as being sued by people who buy contaminated homes. Property owners can be affected either when buying, selling, renting or leasing. No one is exempt from the potential risk of entering a meth contaminated property.

The first step is to ensure the property is properly checked by a specialised and qualified independent meth testing company. Once this has been done, any contamination detected can be quantified so that options to remove the contamination can be worked out. This may range from cleaning at lower levels, to repeated cleaning at higher levels and removal of wall linings & chattels at extreme levels.